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Support Diagnostic Testing for Cancer Patients With A Cup of Chai

When he was initially diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia, Prashant’s first concerns weren’t whether he would be able to afford treatment, it was about how much time he had left…years? Months? Would he be able to complete his degree? Would he be able to care for his father? But his doctor reassured him. Treatment was available, and before he could worry about the cost of it, Prashant was connected with The Max Foundation and worked on getting enrolled in the access program we administer.

Viji Venkatesh
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How You Can Celebrate My Birthday and Support People Facing Cancer Around the World

Three years ago I made a decision that changed my life: to donate my birthday to support the work of The Max Foundation for as long as I have birthdays to come. Ever since I have been involved with The Max Foundation, every day I am witness to the courage of people faced with cancer, the generosity of spirit of those who become patient leaders, and the dedication of healthcare providers around the world. Join me today by honoring their efforts on my birthday, July 28th.

Pat Garcia-Gonzalez
Fundraising & Events Patient Support & Advocacy

Chai for Cancer USA 2016: On the Road!

In July, we are kicking off the second year of Chai for Cancer USA, a fundraising campaign that expands access to treatment for people facing cancer in India. For 6...

Winona Rennick
Patient Support & Advocacy

The Climb – Tony Leo’s Story

Tony Leo, musician and patient advocate shares his story of finding great passion and inspiration in the midst of facing his fears. "Passion is something that grips you, changes you and make you scale great heights where few will ever reach."

The Max Foundation
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I am a Spartan – Thilip’s Story

Being a patient or I better call myself and others as a Spartan, someone who is fighting for something each and every day.” –Thilip Kumar Ragavan We first met Thilip Kumar Ragavan in May 2014. He was a young chronic myeloid leukemia Spartan in the patient workshop at Hospital Ampang and was newly diagnosed with CML at that time, but the smile never left his face. Bright, vibrant, energetic, and positive – that's Thilip.

Waheeda Hasbullah
Education & Training

Let’s Come Together, Shall We?

This year, the Malaysia team set a goal of creating deeper connections in our local patient initiatives. We wanted to see our patient community connect with each other. We changed the format of our patient...

Waheeda Hasbullah
Patient Support & Advocacy

What Happens If We Knock on the Door?

In the last decade, we have reached over 10,000 patients and caregivers in Malaysia. This has been one of the most significant things in my journey with The Max Foundation: the opportunity to work with so many amazing individuals – each one of them teaches me the meaning of life, shows me the courage, and prove that nothing is impossible.

Mei Ching Ong
Patient Support & Advocacy

10 Years and Counting

“I saw inspiration when I met him for the first time. That’s the day I decided I want to be a source of inspiration for others.” Max Family Malaysia celebrated 10 years of service to cancer patients in Malaysia by sharing stories and song, and remembering those that have served as an inspiration to others.

Waheeda Hasbullah
Education & Training

Pop Quiz! How Well Do You Know Our New Site?

To celebrate the launch of our website, we hosted a celebration at Max HQ, which included a little friendly competition! We created a digital scavenger hunt on our website to see who knew our website the best. Test your knowledge about and see how quickly you can complete the quiz!

Josué Blanco
Diagnostics & Monitoring Patient Support & Advocacy

Updates from Across the Globe

We've already seen lots of activity around the world this spring: The first gastrointestinal stromal tumor patient meeting in Hyderabad, India; storytelling workshops where people facing cancer learn to share their experience with dignity and hope; and the Malaysia patient team takes their gathering public with a great picnic! See what else has been happening at The Max Foundation during the first part of 2016.

Josué Blanco
Patient Support & Advocacy

Be Among the First to Tour Our New Website!

Our first major milestone of 2016 is the launch of our brand new website! Redesigning our website has been both a strategic and soul-searching exercise that we have done all for you.

Erin Schwartz