Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team, which is mission-focused and responsible for strategy, finances, and management, includes executives from our headquarters and region heads based in the US and in regional offices around the world.

  • Pat Garcia-Gonzalez

    Chief Executive Officer

  • John Menapace

    Chief Financial Officer and Vice President, Administration

  • Bryan Murphy-Eustis

    Vice President, Program Strategy & Partnerships

  • Wilma Comenat

    Vice President, Development

  • Geoff Cook

    Vice President, Communications

  • Inés García González

    Region Head for Latin America

  • Mei Ching Ong

    Region Head for Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe and Central Asia

  • Viji Venkatesh

    Region Head for South Asia

  • Catherina Scheepers

    Region Head for Africa and The Middle East

  • J. Michael Wrigglesworth

    Vice President, Program Operations

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is comprised of professionals dedicated to serving our mission. The Board provides governance and fiduciary oversight, along with guiding policy and assessing organizational performance goals.

  • Paula Boultbee

    President of the Board

  • Pat Garcia-Gonzalez

    CEO of The Max Foundation

  • Robert Farmer

    Honorary Board Member

  • Susan Jerian, MD

    Board Member
    President and Founder, ONCORD, Inc.

  • Curt Malloy, JD, MPH

    Senior Vice President, Strategic Operations at HDT Bio

    Curt Malloy
  • Jerald Radich, MD

    Board Member
    Professor, Clinical Research Division, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

  • Graciela Mabel Woloj Rothstein

    Board Member
    Principal at MW Consulting

  • Maria Pia Ruffilli

    Board Member
    Retired, (former Senior Director International Public Affairs, Therapeutic Area Team, Team Leader – Pfizer)

  • Edgar Thomas

    Board Member, Certified Public Accountant
    Co-Founder, COO - Avise Inc

Global Team

Our team spans across 20 countries—each with diverse backgrounds and cultures who share a determination to improve patients’ wellbeing.

Africa & Middle East

  • Catherina Scheepers

    Region Head for Africa and the Middle East

  • Geraldine Botha

    Program Coordinator Southern Africa

  • Jean Claude Mutabazi

    Program Coordinator Rwanda

  • Kayinfa Nicole

    Program Coordinator Mozambique

  • Lucy Mwangi

    Program Coordinator Kenya

  • Mario Borain

    Program Officer Southern & Eastern Africa

  • Nicole Jordaan

    HR and Admin Officer

  • Tayamika Zalinga Phiri

    Program Coordinator Malawi

  • Tresor Mbuyi

    Regional Program Manager for Africa & The Middle East

  • Tenaye Ashebir

    Program Coordinator Ethiopia

  • Mmamolahlegi Mahopo

    Logistics Coordinator

  • Vimbai Taruwedzera

    Program Officer

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  • Kafui Vodounou

    Program Coordinator Ivory Coast

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  • Perpertual Asiamah

    Program Coordinator Ghana

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  • Maxane Kilosho

    Program Coordinator Democratic Republic of Congo

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  • Jubril Esan

    Program Coordinator Nigeria

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  • Elsy Omoyi Onoya

    Program Officer French West Africa

  • Evan Leyian ole Mapelu

    Program Coordinator for Kenya

    Elo Mapelu

Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe & Central Asia

  • Mei Ching Ong

    Region Head for Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia

  • Aytan Shirinova

    Program Coordinator Azerbaijan

  • Chanikan Wongsamai

    Program Officer Thailand

  • Mariam Izoria

    Program Coordinator for Georgia

  • Nelia Medina

    Program Officer for Philippines

  • Nor Aina Binti Abd Rahim

    HR & Admin Officer

  • Nur Fatiha Nabila Mohd Nor

    Program Coordinator-Max Schooling Project

  • Nur Izzati Binti Mohd Rodzi

    Program Officer Malaysia

  • Nur Iklil Rifhan

    Program Coordinator

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  • Socheatha Jim

    Program Coordinator for Cambodia

  • Sukhrob Saliev

    Program Coordinator for Uzbekistan

  • Thao Tang Thi Thanh

    Regional Program Manager

  • Wirat Sae-Kuai

    Program Officer & Head of Thailand Liaison Office

Latin America

  • Ines Garcia Gonzalez

    Region Head for Latin America

  • Cynthia Figueroa Guerra

    Program Officer for Mexico & CAC

  • Cristian Neves

    Patient Education & Communications Coordinator

  • Jacqueline Montúfar

    Program Coordinator for Central America & Caribbean

  • Lyat Granati

    Program Officer for South America

  • Mariana Rubi Gonzalez

    Program Coordinator for Mexico

  • María Julia Sánchez

    Program Coordinator for Venezuela

  • Martha Rosario Molina

    Program Coordinator for Dominican Republic & Haiti

  • Melisa Gisele Fazio

    Program Coordinator for Bolivia, Argentina, & Paraguay

  • Victoria Duhalde

    Program Coordinator for Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, & Chile

South Asia

  • Viji Venkatesh

    Region Head for South Asia

  • Ashika Naik

    Program Officer India

  • Ashok Boricha

    Admin Assistant

  • Beena Narayanan

    Program Officer India, Sri Lanka, & Bangladesh

  • Dipanwita Maiti

    Regional Program Manager

  • Jyotiy Parameshwaran

    Program Coordinator India & Sri Lanka

  • Komal Surve

    Program Coordinator India

  • Phillip Fernandes

    Admin Assistant

  • Prasad Kothekar

    Program Coordinator India

  • Priyanka Kandalgaokar

    Program Officer India

  • Shalini Subramanian

    Program Coordinator India & Nepal

  • Sudha Samineni

    Program Officer India & Nepal

  • Santosh Kadam

    Office, Admin, & HR Manager

  • Shrutika Kaspale

    Administrative Executive

  • Sweta Agrawal

    Program Coordinator Nepal

  • Pooja Patil

    Logistics Coordinator

  • Urvashi Negi

    Program Coordinator India & Sri Lanka


  • Alexander Laya Martinez

    Supply Chain Manager

  • Alicia Annamalay

    Director of Program Strategy & Partnerships

  • Angel Kaushish

    Data Solutions Developer

  • Andrielle Yost

    Senior Program Manager - Partnerships

  • Anshika Tandon

    Program Manager - Operations

    Anshika Tandon
  • Baily Hays

    HR & Accounting Coordinator

    Baily Hays
  • Bryan Murphy-Eustis

    Vice President of Program Strategy

  • Charmaine Vazquez

    Senior Development Manager

  • Craig Anderson

    Director of Information Technology

  • Diane Cryder

    Senior Accountant

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  • Emily Muirhead

    Development Manager

  • Emily Vega

    Senior Development Coordinator

    Emily Vega
  • Emma Kgopa Chabangu

    Senior Supply Chain Manager

  • Geoff Cook

    Vice President of Communications

  • Hellen Kibenge

    Program Coordinator

  • Jennifer Rynning

    Program Manager - Partnerships

  • John Menapace

    Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Administration

  • Justin Craig

    Executive Assistant

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  • Kelsey Bray

    Communications Officer

  • Lisa Walters

    Senior Quality Assurance Manager

    Lisa Walters
  • Mahmoud Alballah

    Data Solutions Developer

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  • Manoj Nebhnani

    Director of Global Supply Chain

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  • Marine Durand

    Senior Program Manager

  • Meghan Paynter

    Patient Navigator

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  • Mercedes Arteaga

    Director of Program Operations

  • Michael Wrigglesworth

    Vice President of Program Operations

  • Nick Schmidt

    HR Generalist

  • Pat Garcia-Gonzalez

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Patrick Flanagan

    HR Business Partner

  • Rachel McKelvey

    Senior Communications Coordinator

  • Raiza Ramirez

    Development Officer

  • Sandy Brewster

    Controller/Director of Accounting

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  • Soon Beng Yeap

    Director of Communications

  • Tomara Henderson

    Administrative Compliance Manager

  • Wilma Comenat

    Vice President of Development

Medical Advisory Boards

Our Medical Advisory Board includes specialists who are key opinion leaders in the field of oncology. Based all around the world, these expert physicians are formative in leading research and managing patient care at their centers of excellence.

Hematology Advisors

Oncology Advisors

  • Matías Chacón, MD

    Medical Oncologist at the Instituto Médico Alexander Fleming in Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • George D. Demetri, MD

    Director of the Center for Sarcoma and Bone Oncology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, USA

  • Yehoda M. Martei, MD MSCE

    Assistant Professor of Medicine Vice Chief of Diversity, Inclusion, and Health Equity Hematology – Oncology Division, University of  Pennsylvania

  • Peter Reichardt, MD

    Head of the Department of Interdisciplinary Oncology Director of the Sarcoma Center Berlin-Brandenburg Director of the Cancer Center Berlin-Buch at HELIOS Klinikum Berlin-Buch in Berlin, Germany

  • Jonathan Trent, MD

    Co-Director, Musculosketal Center Director, Sarcoma Medical Research Program Professor of Medicine at Sylvester Cancer Center in Miami, Florida, USA

Cardiology Advisors