Patients first

The people we serve are at the core of our work, and each has a unique experience with cancer. Our goal is to make sure that every person with cancer has access to treatment—and the opportunity to reach their full health potential—no matter where they live.

Network of doctors

When our partner health care professionals diagnose cancer in one of their patients, and identify the need for treatment that is not available in their country, they contact us. By adding the patient’s information and a treatment request in our program management tool, they put lifesaving medicine in motion.

Patient services

Access to treatment is more than access to medicine. We help people with cancer get ongoing peer-to-peer and individual care, support diagnostic testing, and offer education for patients as they navigate their treatment and its long-term effects.

Donated medicine

Our patients never receive a bill for our services. Through our diverse collaborations with drug manufacturers and donor partners, we commit to providing medicine to patients with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) and other cancers for as long as they need.

Shipping & logistics

As we ship treatments across oceans and borders, safety and quality are our highest priorities. With our distribution partner, we’ve built an efficient and validated supply chain that safely delivers medicine around the world.

Max Access Solutions

We developed Max Access Solutions, the only global oncology model of its kind, to strengthen communities and offer holistic support for people facing cancer worldwide.

Our Reach

We donate oncology products into 70+ countries.

Where we work

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