A group of people, including kids, standing in front of a home. Healthcare should not be a privilege - it's a fundamental human right.

A Cambodian patient with his family in a rice farming village

Take Action: Stay Informed About Global Healthcare Issues

Where You Live Shouldn’t Determine IF You Live

The most pressing global health challenge is the inequities in access to healthcare. Together, we can alleviate unnecessary suffering and premature death from cancer and other rare diseases. We must commit to overcoming barriers and ensure universal access for all. Healthcare should not be a privilege – it’s a fundamental human right.

Access To Treatment Is Access To Life

We fulfill our mission by delivering medication, technology, and services to patients facing cancer and other critical illnesses, focusing our energy on those no one else is helping.

We’ve pioneered practical, scalable, high-quality solutions to bring lifesaving treatments and holistic health supports to people with cancer in low- and middle-income countries.

“Max is right in the middle of doctors, patients, and pharmaceutical companies. They are able to manage this triangle and keep everything in balance … and they do it amazingly, day in and day out.”
– Nirmesh, living with leukemia in India

“I was, and still am, a beneficiary of The Max Foundation. I was diagnosed with CML when I was a first-year resident. The lifesaving service Max provided was the inspiration that led me to study hematology and forever strive to pay the debt forward.”
– Dr. Fisihatsion Tadesse, medical partner in Ethiopia

“Max doesn’t stop at just helping the patients. It’s more than access – there’s education, monitoring, connecting patients to others. They make you well-rounded so even when Max isn’t there, we can advocate.”
– Jelena Cugurovic, patient leader in Serbia