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Because we can, we must

Janaki is a happy 22-year-old woman living in Nepal and working at Century Bank. But this has not always been the case for her. At the ripe age of ten...

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Creating Space for Community

How we continue providing emotional support for people facing cancer throughout COVID-19

Emma Radich
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In India, Patient Meetings Reduce Stigma and Unite Hope

Every year our South Asia team organizes 15–20 meetings that unite hundreds of the patients we serve, their families, caregivers, and physicians. These meetings provide a safe and comfortable platform for everyone to share their insights and learn from each other’s experiences with cancer.

Shalini Subramanian
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Becoming a Mother While Facing Cancer

Having a baby is a major decision, especially for Thao from Vietnam, a cancer patient who had to pause her treatment in order to have a safe pregnancy. Thao shares how she found support through her patient group, her family, and The Max Foundation.

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Rising Sun, Cancer Summit of The Max Foundation

Rising Sun 2018 has more than 60 participants from 18 countries, consisting of patient leaders, physicians, pharma representatives, advocates, caregivers, and volunteers. Growing beyond our original scope of capacity building, this year we have brought Rising Sun to another level: Access to Treatment is Access to Life – Everyone Has a Role!

Heng Yee Jia
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Finding Value in the Patient Experience

Health systems around the world are strained due to the high burden of costs. In an attempt to guide decision-makers in their choices on behalf of patients, the topic of value frameworks was born. These value frameworks evaluate all aspects of cancer treatment: clinical benefit, side effects, and improvement in patient symptoms or quality of life. But given the complexities of the multitude of health systems around the world, it is not a straightforward discussion. And right now, it's a dialogue driven by thought leaders and health economists from the US and Europe. But there are critical voices is missing from this discussion: patients and patient advocates.

Erin Schwartz
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Solidarity Ties Through the Mountains

Nestled in the mountains of Peru, there's a place called Cusco where you'll find the cancer patient group, Lazos Solidarios (Solidarity Ties). Yusef Herrera, created Lazos Solodarios to help cancer patients in this remote region in 2009 and today, the organization is supporting families facing CML and LLA, many of them children. Yusef, a dentist, became a committed advocate to close the cancer divide between these rural communities and their access to treatment and support.

Victoria Duhalde
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I found myself reflecting about vulnerability. In a way, vulnerability is an impact. After hours of phone calls throughout the year, families have opened themselves up to me. The vulnerability is not just a spur of the moment but hopefully built on mutual trust and respect. I gain a new perspective about vulnerability – it draws out your strength when you respond to it with care.

Waheeda Hasbullah
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Researching CML Patients in India

A new study in Clinical Epidemiology and Global Health features the Glivec®Patient Assistance Program (GIPAP) and reveals that “chronic myelocytic leukemia (CML) is diagnosed at an earlier age in poorer populations than...

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Not Just a Diagnosis, Cancer Touches so Many Lives

Cancer is a life-changing event; not just a medical condition. When cancer undoubtedly affects the patients, it also changes the lives of people around them. Having cancer may change patients’ priorities, causing them to make different life choices.

Waheeda Hasbullah