Supporting Physicians on the Frontline

We are committed to supporting our partner physicians to ensure that they have the necessary knowledge to diagnose and manage chronic cancers. Through our CML Medical Advisory Board and other partners, we connect physicians with international organizations and key leaders who serve as mentors and facilitate educational and capacity-building activities.

Education & Awareness

We believe that every patient should have equal access to a test result and have knowledge about their treatment path. In 2019, our network of over 70 local patient organizations helped support, educate, and empower close to 11,000 patients and caregivers through more than 100 events worldwide.

Caring for the ‘whole patient’ – going beyond access to treatment

We like to say we care for the needs of the ‘whole patient’. What does that mean? Studies have shown that health outcomes for patients are shaped not just by access to medicines but the conditions into which they are born, grow, work, live and age. True to its core belief that geography should not be one’s destiny, The Max Foundation has developed programs designed to work together to ensure patients’ needs are met holistically – not just through providing access to medicines. In short, caring for the ‘whole’ needs of the patient and by extension their families and the communities in which they live. In addition to facilitating access to quality treatment through Max Access Solutions, we are addressing other inequities through programs such as Max Schooling, Last Mile Services, Patient Support Group Meetings and Day by Day. 

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