The program, Max GPS, will support cancer patients from medically underserved and underrepresented communities.

SEATTLE – July 19, 2024 – The Max Foundation (Max), a global nonprofit organization that aims to accelerate health equity by delivering medication, technology, and supportive services to patients worldwide, is launching Max GPS, its new patient navigation program in the United States.  The program is aimed at helping people living with cancer, and their families and caregivers, overcome healthcare system barriers and facilitate timely access to quality health and psychosocial care, from pre-diagnosis through all phases of the disease. Max GPS will support people living with all types of cancer, initially focusing on medically underserved and underrepresented communities.

Max GPS will launch in Washington State this month (July) with plans to expand nationally in the future.

“While cancer mortality rates are on the decline in the United States[1], there remains significant disparities in access to care and treatment and this new program reflects our commitment to focusing our energy on those no one else is helping,” said Pat Garcia-Gonzalez, CEO of The Max Foundation. “We are committed to serving all patients, especially the most marginalized including those from refugee and migrant populations, through patient navigation and care coordination.”

Patient navigation is an evidence-based intervention to eliminate health disparities and improve health equity in cancer care. Data shows that individualized care provided through patient navigation programs bridges a variety of gaps and addresses diverse needs in the cancer care system. Reported benefits include improved access to screening and early diagnosis, time-to-treatment initiation, patient care coordination, symptom management, clinical outcomes, and reducing cost.

“We have been working with local advocacy, community, migrant, and refugee organizations to inform them of Max GPS so that their constituents will have access to the service,” added Alicia Annamalay, Director of Programs, The Max Foundation.

The program plans to utilize innovative approaches to help cancer patients and their families and caregivers navigate a complex healthcare system – from early screening and detection to treatment and survivorship. Specifically, the program can help patients find a doctor, schedule an appointment, request interpreter services, arrange transportation or lodging, find disease education resources, identity support groups, clinical trials, and seek financial assistance.

Learn more about Max GPS at https://themaxfoundation.org/maxgps/

[1] An Update on Cancer Deaths in the United States I CDC