We are pleased to announce the publication of The Max Foundation’s 2019 Annual Report, showcasing the variety of achievements made possible with the support of our dedicated donors, partners, and global team.

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Looking back at 2019 a common theme stands out: reaching new frontiers,” write The Max Foundation CEO Pat Garcia-Gonzalez and The Max Foundation Board President Paula Boultbee in the report.

These new frontiers include our program’s expansion into Mozambique, where chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) patients gained access to lifesaving treatment for the first time. We also grew our access to diagnostics initiatives that allowed patients to have access to affordable and local molecular tests. And through our patient services, we connected with thousands of patients and their caregivers worldwide through one-on-one support and community outreach.

In this report, we celebrate our organization’s achievements as well as patients’ milestones—each with a unique journey toward accessing treatment and care.

We’re thrilled to share with you the significance of our growth into new frontiers, and the impact it’s had on the patients we support worldwide. We hope you see yourself in each of our achievements and feel how your support directly contributes to the lives of patients and families who are now able to face their cancer with dignity and hope.

Read the 2019 Annual Report