The Max Foundation is excited to include Graciela Mabel Woloj Rothstein and Mikkel Z. Oestergaard, PhD as the newest Strategic Innovation Advisory Board member.

Graciela Mabel Woloj Rothstein is an experienced leader with a demonstrated history of working within the pharmaceuticals industry. Rothstein brings her expertise in the fields of Oncology, Good Clinical Practice (GCP), Pharmacovigilance, Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS), and Biotechnology.

Dr. Mikkel Z Oestergaard is Director of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Statistics within the Department of Biostatistics and Research Decision Sciences at Merck/MSD and is based in Zurich, Switzerland. He has 16 years of professional experience and more than 40 peer-reviewed scientific publications in the areas of clinical drug development, health statistics and evidence-generation for public health impact. Dr. Oestergaard previously worked at the World Health Organization (WHO) headquarter before subsequently moving to the pharmaceutical industry. At the WHO he focused on evaluation of the global burden of disease, and co-founded WHO’s Global Initiative on Genomics for Public Health.

We are eager to learn from Rothstein and Oestergaard’s knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical industry, in order to bring more access to treatment for patients worldwide. Join us in welcoming Graciela Mabel Woloj Rothstein and Mikkel Z. Oestergaard, PhD to our advisory board!