It’s safe to say that this year was none like any other.

We support more than 30,000 patients across over 70 countries—and every day of the year, patients depend on our work to continue providing access to lifesaving medicine. Through all of the challenges amid a global pandemic, patients remain the center of our focus—and we do everything we can to make sure no one is left behind.

As we start to reflect on our work from 2020, we want to take a moment and reflect on our achievements with you, our generous supporters, partners, and community members who have been with us through this journey at every step of the way.

A year of heroic acts 

I recently learned of the story of Manoj from India, who traveled almost 500 miles on his motorcycle to pick up enough treatment to last him for a few months throughout nation-wide lockdowns.

With the help of our global team members, patients, partners, physicians and medical staff, we are successfully carrying out our work delivering access to lifesaving treatment to patients in all corners of the world.

But this work is not always simple.

Through global lockdown measures, there were constant obstacles in our way. Patients were stranded in foreign countries and unable to leave their homes to pick up their medicine.

Because of the many pharmacists, clinicians, physicians, patients, donors, and partners working tirelessly behind the scenes, patients like Manoj were able to get the treatment they need at the right time and place. We continue to be inspired by the many COVID Heroes who help our team provide treatment and care to patients—from driving full days to the pharmacy, to personally delivering medicine to patients’ homes.

A year of growth

In 2020, we exceeded 10 million doses of cancer treatment distributed to patients worldwide. This achievement is more than just a number. Each year, we witness our patients’ lives unfold and celebrate their milestones together.

Dra. Olga Graciela Cantú Rodréguez, our partner physician in Mexico said it best in our International Women’s Day feature:

“Receiving good news from patients, like their children getting married, having children of their own … birthday parties, graduations, weddings … all of these become incentives. Seeing patients in excellent health conditions shows me that thanks to my work something transcended, that change is tangible.”

A year of gratitude

Through the many ups and downs of 2020, we feel incredibly grateful for the each of you. We know that with your support, no person facing cancer is out of reach and our impact is limitless!

Today, you can make a difference in a person’s life: $50 helps us provide patient services and extended support to the most vulnerable people facing cancer.

Join us to continue bridging access to cancer treatment and care.

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