Last month, we hosted our 2021 Maximize Life Gala – a worldwide party to bridge the gap in diagnostics and cancer care. Although we couldn’t be together in person, our hearts were still touched by the many friends who gathered online to celebrate.

Thank you to all the guests who tuned in from around the world! In total, participants in 22 countries watched the virtual gala.

Our virtual party kicked off with an around-the-world adventure piloted by our emcee Kevin Joyce. We got to visit each region Max works in and hear how people all over are living with dignity and hope in the face of cancer. And for our Seattle-area guests, we even included a tasting experience with global food and local drinks.

Watch the best moments from our 2021 gala

In total, we raised over $167,000 at the Maximize Life Gala this year – all in support of bridging the gap in diagnostics and cancer care!

A huge thanks to all who joined us and gave during the 2021 Maximize Life Gala. And a special thank you to our event sponsors for helping us throw an amazing event!