Every year, throughout the month of October, we honor Max and his legacy by partnering with our network of cancer organizations to carry out the Maximize Life Global Cancer Awareness Campaign. It is a month of service that aims at decreasing stigma and increasing hope for people living with cancer around the world.

It is Max’s story that originally inspired the birth of the organization. It is all of the cancer survivors, advocates, and patient leaders around the world that continue to inspire us today. In this way, our past and our future are interconnected.

As a very special tribute, we bring two friends and colleagues together to talk about Max the person. Pat, our CEO and Max’s step-mom was interviewed by advocate, cancer survivor and team member, Fan. Their bond, their friendship, their mutual respect and their shared mission are all revealed through an intimate conversation.

Listen to Pat reflect on Max’s story and legacy.

To bring light to this powerful shared story, we availed an exciting new storytelling platform created by the non-profit organization called StoryCorps. By using StoryCorp technology, this meaningful journey is documented for posterity, as well as for sharing easily with all of you. We are looking forward to using StoryCorps for future storytelling opportunities.

We invite your thoughts and comments below in recognition of October 19th. In honor of Max and in partnership with all of you, we thank you for listening.