Living with cancer can be overwhelming, to say the least. People with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) have to take daily medication, travel to clinics, and carefully monitor their symptoms, on top of working and caring for their families.  

This has been Kiran’s reality for around 15 years – he was diagnosed with CML when he was only 20 years old. But he never lost hope. Not only did he continue to pursue his education and career, now he’s also helping other patients in need. 

Kiran lives in Hunsur, India with his wife, Hema, and their 5-year-old daughter. He first started experiencing symptoms when he was working as a carpenter. That included weakness, fever, and a loss of appetite. He was shocked to learn he had CML and worried about being able to afford treatment. 

“I was unable to work as a carpenter and earn a little for my medication, as the doctor advised me to avoid dust,” he said. “These unexpected expenses became a burden all the more to my parents, which bothered me day and night.” 

The hospital recommended The Max Foundation. Together with our partners, we provide Kiran access to medication at no cost. Today, he is doing well and works as an attender at a private school in Hunsur. They encouraged him to take his pre-university exams. 

Through it all, Kiran had plenty of support from loved ones – his parents, especially his mother, stood by through all his pain and struggles, his sister and brother-in-law offered financial and moral support, and his wife and her family gave him a new life. 

Because of his, Kiran wants to pay it forward. He is active in patient support groups, sharing his experience and offering encouragement to others with CML. One day, he would like to form a group to help people in need, regardless of the cost. 

“A big thanks to The Max Foundation,” Kiran said. “They brightened my life, put a ray of hope, and encouraged me to be the same ray of hope to others in similar situation.”