At The Max Foundation, we believe in the power of individuals to make a difference, especially when it comes to health equity. Over the years, we’ve been privileged to work alongside some amazing people in both the public and private sectors – people who have moved mountains to help patients around the world face cancer with dignity and hope. We also believe in working closely with organizations whose mission and values align with our own.

At first glance, Global Fiberglass Solutions might seem an unlikely partner for The Max Foundation. However, when you look at our shared values – innovation, sustainable solutions, and global citizenship – it makes perfect sense. In fact, our partnership extends beyond just our values.

Global Fiberglass Solutions and The Max Foundation actually shared common leadership at our inceptions. The late Ken Weyant, one of our founding board members, was a visionary who understood the need to close the cancer divide between higher-income and lower-income countries. At the same time, he began a quest to recycle landfill-bound wind turbines into new products for the greater good. Since our respective beginnings, both our organizations have found different answers to the same fundamental question: “How do you take a difficult situation and use it to better the world?”

Our worlds came together again in 2017, thanks to the generous support of Global Fiberglass Solutions co-founder Don Lilly. Don has said, “There are such compelling synergies between our workstreams, in that both organizations are driven to find solutions that will increase health and well-being in our global community. And, with much regret, we lost Ken to cancer a couple of years back, which only underscores our commitment to the cause.”

Both The Max Foundation and Global Fiberglass Solutions see the tremendous value in public-private partnerships and believe social enterprise is the best way to build a better world. As a public nonprofit organization, The Max Foundation’s success depends upon donations from companies like Global Fiberglass Solutions – this strong community support makes our mission possible. We look forward to our continued collaboration with Don and his team and welcome the chance to forge new partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations along the way.

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