At The Max Foundation we are all about patients; deeply, profoundly, committed to patients and by extension their families and communities. To continue to foster this commitment, once a year we honor a team member who has exemplified our values and beliefs with the Excellence in Patient Advocacy Award.

Mariam, second from the right, with the medical team in Armenia. Mariam’s commitment exemplifies the passion of our global team and partners.

We are proud to announce the winner of this year’s award, Mariam Izoria, our Program Coordinator based in Georgia. Mariam works with passion and generosity. She has been tireless in her effort to implement our programs and supporting patients in the region, sharing her work with passion and showing her deep commitment, and consistently encouraging other team members throughout the year.

During the pandemic, Mariam spent her days collecting samples from COVID-19 patients for testing, and her evenings leading our programs that reach more than 450 people across the country. Mariam in full PPE was featured on our 2020 Annual Report

Going the extra mile is what Mariam does best and what makes The Max Foundation so special and unique. We are incredibly proud of the dedication of all of our team-members. As we launch into the 25th anniversary of The Max Foundation and our new five-year strategic plan, we look forward to continuing our work on behalf of those who need us the most. Because we deeply believe that all people should be able to access the best medicines, geography should not dictate one’s destiny and everyone should be able to strive for health with dignity and hope. We can prevent unnecessary suffering and premature death today and because we can, we must.

Congratulations, Mariam! And thank you for all you do.