blogpost325_1As a new team member of The Max Foundation, I feel honored to work with an organization that advocates for patients dealing with blood cancer. This global health organization has helped thousands of patients get access to treatment, provide education and awareness, and bring a community together throughout the world.

The Colors of Hope Art Collection is a vivid example of community work that empowers patients and caregivers to speak up about their journeys while dealing with cancer through art. The current gallery display at the University of Washington not only provides a glimpse of beautiful art from around the globe, but also each picture echoes the strength, resilience and hope each patient has.

These 24 pieces of artwork remind us that as a community we need to keep fighting for equal access to cancer treatment and keep bringing the subject to our policymakers. There are still thousands of people around the world without any access to medication and treatment. High costs of treatment, lack of support and lack of information are some of the reasons of why patients don’t get treatment. These pieces of artwork encourage us to look at our community and advocate for those who are dealing with cancer to help them find strength, courage, and hope.

The artwork will be on display until August 21st, 2014 and I invite you to stop by and feel the strength our community brings together.