October is here! And with the changing of the seasons comes the official start of the 2016 Maximize Life Global Cancer Awareness Campaign! Energy and excitement are growing as over 40 Max Global Network partners across Latin America, Asia and Africa prepare to host multiple awareness events throughout the month in an effort to support and raise awareness about the needs of people living with cancer. 2016 marks the eighth year of the Campaign, which has proven year after year to provide a supportive and meaningful outlet for patients and caregivers to share their stories with their community, and most importantly, with others facing similar challenges.

Creating open dialogue around the cancer experience is critical to increasing hope for people impacted by cancer and awareness about the needs of people living with cancer in their community. The Maximize Life Campaign is about spreading this message and encouraging community conversations about cancer. I speak for my colleagues when I say that all of us at The Max Foundation are honored and humbled by the outpouring of community support cancer patients and personal sharing that we witness from our partners each year through the Campaign.

This year, the Maximize Life Campaign will kick off on October 1st, with patient-centered awareness events to take place in Chile, Taiwan, Mongolia and China. 40 additional events will be held worldwide through October 31st. Make sure to follow The Max Foundationโ€™s Facebook and Twitter (@stompoutcancer) for regular event updates from partners and photos. If you post Campaign related photos, make sure to use the hashtag #MaximizeLife2016! I also encourage you to visit the Maximize Life Campaign website where you can view an interactive map of the events scheduled throughout the month, photos from past events.

Thank you to all our brave and determined partners who continue to make the Maximize Life Campaign a source of inspiration for people facing cancer in your communities. Stay tuned for story highlights from advocates throughout the month and happy October!