Today’s World Cancer Day Guest Blogger is P. Sangeetha, a cancer caregiver from India and active volunteer with the patient organization Friends of Max. P. Sangeetha is an inspirational advocate who is not afraid to share her story, and in 2015 she was the first place winner of the Maximize Life Essay Contest. Read and share her story!

“CANCER” what comes to your mind as you read this six letter word? The five W’s, who, what, when, where and why comes to our head. In my life, who? Was my father, when? 2004, where? In his blood and why? The million dollar question whose answer we are still searching for.

When CANCER struck we were first so afraid because of the stigma the world has created with this word. Initially we thought it was going to be a lonely battle but we found a family the Friends of Max who befriended us when we needed a helping hand. This is one of the toughest groups I have seen. It is a group filled with warriors and their care givers.

What is cancer? Cancer is not just growth of cells; it is the growth of inner strength. I saw that in my father. He took the cancer, the power of the cells into his own hands and brought them under control.

The world makes it sound like cancer is terrifying, but it is not true. You can befriend your cancer cells. Yes, they are your foes, they need to be kept under control but you can still control them. A positive outlook in life gets a positive result.

Can-cer means can survive. Each warrior is facing their own battle but cancer in the name itself says can survive. You believe that you will get through this rough phase, you will.

The care givers are also part of the battle. They need as much mental strength as the warriors. Like cheer leaders in a basketball game, the care giver support the winning team, the captain, into winning their battle.

I have attended many meetings conducted by the Friends of Max, they all send the same message, to stay strong and to believe. To believe in yourself, in your doctor and in your medicine.

Cancer is not as terrifying as it sounds. It just seems that way, but you can win the battle against it if you follow the rules and stick to your game. Your game must be, taking care of yourself, taking your medicines on time, listening to your doctors, cooperating with your care givers and facing everyday as a challenge.

My message to you on world cancer day is, the C for CANCER can be inverted and made into a sad face or into a smile. Choose the smile. Face the big C with a bigger C, courage and take care.

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