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Thousands of patients are diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) annually around the world. CML, like any other cancer, does not discriminate. It affects people from all regions and walks of life. However, unlike many other cancers, CML has an amazing story due to advancements made in its treatment in the last decade. It was only 15 years ago that a patient newly diagnosed with CML would have a prognosis of survival of less than 5 years with the treatments available at the time.

The story of CML goes hand in hand with how lives can be changed even in remote areas of the world once patients have access to the latest treatment, regardless of affordability. Each one of the three cancer survivors and advocates featured in the video want you to know that life and survival is dear to all, regardless of where you are from. They tell their individual stories of survival and are able to share it with us because they were given the gift of life when they so needed it. Now, they are able to give of themselves to other patients. Today we will be sharing the powerful stories of how access to treatment, especially in remote areas, can change the course of the relationship between disease and patient. We invite you to listen to these stories and call on you to join us and urge your respective governments to lay the pathway for access to treatment for all cancer patients and give the gift of life, hope and dignity that every patient deserves.