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The Max Foundation is all about people, but it started with one – Max. On October 19, we celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Max Rivarola, in whose memory the organization was established.

At The Max Foundation, it is our core belief that all human life has equal value, and all people facing illness deserve access to immediate and effective treatment no matter where they live. Our efforts to accelerate health equity are making an impact. Patients are living beyond their disease, families are getting support, and health care teams are seeing their patients survive and flourish.

We asked our team and community of patients and physicians to reflect on what Max means to them. See below for a photo album from each region we support. See the full set of Max’ Day photos on our Facebook page. Join us today in celebrating all people who give to their communities and feel free to add your sentiments. We can prevent unnecessary suffering and premature death today and because we can, we must.

Africa & Middle East


Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe, & Central Asia


Latin America


South Asia


HQ Seattle

We have been touched by the many responses and photos we received from our community. Thanks to all the team members, patients, physicians, and families that shared responses.