On October 23rd we visited the out-patient department of the Philippine General Hospital to distribute a recent shipment of hats that we had received from With Love in Every Stitch. It was amazingly beautiful to see the faces of small children queuing up to choose the hats they liked. The children were fascinated with the colors and designs of the hats. They gladly tried them on and proudly showed them to their parents and the other children.

After distributing hats in the out-patient department, we made our way upstairs to distribute hats to those who were confined in the ward. They were delighted as well when we came up to their room to give the hats.

One person who specifically stood out to me was a 14-year old girl who is facing the possibility that she may need to undergo leg amputation due to bone cancer. She was all smiles when she put on her hat. It was a small present but all of the children’s smiles was more than enough to express their appreciation. Hats off to all the donors of the hats!!!