In an effort to strengthen health outcomes for patients in low resource settings, The Max Foundation and its subsidiary, MaxAid, have signed Collaboration Agreements with 140 individual hematologists and oncologists from leading National Cancer Institutes and clinics in 60 low- and middle-income countries. With the formal establishment of this network, The Max Foundation completes its validated supply chain into each of the countries, providing a safe environment through which to channel humanitarian donations of cancer treatment with end-to-end controls.

“Oncologists and hematologists from these leading cancer centers are the true heroes of our humanitarian treatment access success story,” said Pat Garcia-Gonzalez, CEO of The Max Foundation. “Their dedication to their patients and commitment to our partnership allows us to prevent unnecessary and premature cancer deaths. Working in a challenging environment, their personal contributions go well beyond treatment management and inspire us to do our best to support their patients’ needs.”

Dr. Damira Bayzakova, Kyrgyzstan, adds that “Providing lifesaving treatment to one patient does not save the life of one patient – it saves the lives of the dozens of small children and elderly family members who depend on that patient for their survival.”

The Max Foundation aims to sign collaboration agreements with a total of 350 hematologists and oncologists from more than 70 countries in 2017.