Radha Bai Chandra is a 62-year-old widow, a mother, and the longest-surviving beneficiary of Max’s programs in Fiji. Although her search for treatment was long and challenging, the second life she now has from that search is worth it. In 2005, Radha Bai noted a change in her energy levels. She was usually an active person. She started to need longer naps and couldn’t complete everyday chores. At this time, she lost a lot of weight. Her husband and 11-year-old daughter also noticed she was more tired than usual. A neighbor helped her to be seen in the hospital, and after many tests, she was told she had a ‘Blood Disorder.’ Somehow she managed to travel to Auckland, New Zealand, where she was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. Unfortunately, her treatment plans were too expensive, and she returned to Fiji with only a few months’ supply of medication.

In 2006 Radha Bai faced a dwindling supply of medication and no health insurance. During this time, she lost her husband to a sudden illness. Without warning, Radha Bai was a new widow and a single mother with Leukemia. She made the tough decision to send her daughter to live with her brother in New Zealand.

Her Doctor in New Zealand did not give up and found a Max contact. After communication back and forth with paperwork, tests, and prayers, she was approved to get treatment through Max. In her own words: “The Max Foundation gave me the gift of a second life” Radha Bai is looking forward to traveling in October 2022 to attend her daughter’s wedding in New Zealand.

Radha Bai complies with her treatment requirement; she is punctual at the clinics and responsive to her doctor’s instructions. Besides her occupation helping with domestic duties, she is a powerful advocate of good health to her friends, relatives, and community. Her advice to patients who live with CML: “Live a healthy lifestyle, obey your doctors, ensure your medication is stored well, and be compliant!

For the 16 years living with Leukemia, Radha Bai’s message to all of us at The Max Foundation: “VINAKA VAKALEVU (Thank you) for saving me and the second life you have given me through the free medication.