It’s been a busy spring at The Max Foundation! Along with the major update to our new site, there are some great stories to share from our global network.

India’s GIST Meetings


Over the past few years, the India team has been concentrating on having gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST)-focused meetings throughout the country. Quarterly meetings have been happening in Mumbai gist-art-therapy-indiasince 2013, but this year included the first GIST meeting in Hyderabad. GIST patient groups were started because the large number of CML patients overshadowed the specific needs of those facing GIST.

Along with presentations from medical professionals and Q&A sessions, people also participated in an art therapy workshop – some enthusiastically and some with a little coaxing – so patients and caregivers can open up and empathize with each other. As our team in South Asia can attest, these bonds create lasting friendships.

A Picnic with Malaysia’s Max Family


Max Family, a patient support group in Malaysia, decided to make the best of their nice weather and took their next patient meeting outdoors. Max team member, Waheeda, shares how the day unfolded:

“I could see almost everyone wore a bright smile, what a wonderful start to the Sunday morning! Not only that, everyone brought something with them, from the picnic mat to yummy Nasi Lemak. How lovely to see everyone is trying their best to make it the best day.”

The picnic was filled with good food and stories, as well as plans for raising cancer advocacy throughout Malaysia.

Storytelling Workshop in India

IMG_9959We saw the beginning of storytelling workshops where patients, caregivers, and advocates gathered to learn the art of telling their story. India Region Head, Viji, shares what happened:

“The intimate setting of the smaller groups helped to do away with any feelings of shyness or hesitation. Each speaker had been heard before and received feedback from familiar team mates. The group representatives spoke and shared from their hearts and what was said resonated in one way or the other with everyone in the audience.”

New Release: My PCR and Maximize Life Executive Reports

We are sharing our executive reports for our many projects and campaigns. These reports give the story behind our efforts to raise awareness, build community, and help people facing cancer around the world. Our latest reports feature the results of our My PCR and Maximize Life campaigns. Read these reports to learn why we believe in raising awareness and advocacy around the world for people facing cancer.