blogpost383_1At The Max Foundation, increasing global access to treatment for people around the world living with cancer is a core element of our mission. But access to treatment is only one piece in helping all people facing cancer live with dignity and hope. Fostering care and support for patients processing the hardships of cancer is essential.

The Colors of Hope Art Collection began as a project of The Max Foundation in 2005 in an effort to provide a creative outlet for people impacted by a cancer diagnosis. Through the Colors of Hope Art Collection, people living with cancer and their caregivers are invited to convey their experience through art. Since the project’s inception, we have received over 2,000 works of art that tell a complex yet common story. From fear and confusion, to acceptance and love, the emotional spectrum shared through the artwork provides a glimpse into the artists’ struggles and hope.

For their 2015 journal covers, The Lancet Oncology is featuring pieces from the Colors of Hopegallery. We are excited to see each monthly issue feature a different piece of art, and for that art to be shared with cancer practitioners and the community more broadly. Scroll through the gallery above to see the covers released so far and visit The Lancet Oncology for future issues. Read more about the Colors of Hope Art Collection.