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With Love in South Africa

Between all the emails, paper and meetings and the general rush of everyday life, it can be often neglected to reflect on the actual motivation for the efforts and input...

Catherina Scheepers
Fundraising & Events

Max Climbs Mt. Kinabalu!

Each of us had to dig deep within ourselves to summon the strength, courage, and determination to keep going, putting one foot in front of the other, until we reached base camp and then set out in the dark early hours of July23rd for the summit. But we were not alone – we shared a strong connection and solidarity among our team of 23 that in just a few short days grew close through our shared experience.

Winona Rennick
Fundraising & Events Partner Spotlight

Ten Long Years to Climb to the Top

Tony Leo from from Malaysia and living in Singapore inspired The Max Foundation to host our 2017 Max Global Experience in Malaysia to climb Mt. Kinabalu. Tony’s story explains how this...

The Max Foundation
Fundraising & Events Partner Spotlight

Scaling New Heights!

Over the past several months, we have been training, fundraising, and preparing to conquer Mt. Kinabalu, and now we’re counting down the days until our team meets at the foot of the mountain for the big climb. Why climb a mountain, you might ask?

Winona Rennick
Fundraising & Events

My birthday campaign and the promise of a lifetime

I have never climbed a mountain before so one might ask why. The truth is that we have been in this life journey together, those we call patients and those we call advocates, for more than a decade; and the reality is that we are one, united by a deep bond of love, and together we will conquer Mt Kinabalu.

Pat Garcia-Gonzalez
Education & Training


I found myself reflecting about vulnerability. In a way, vulnerability is an impact. After hours of phone calls throughout the year, families have opened themselves up to me. The vulnerability is not just a spur of the moment but hopefully built on mutual trust and respect. I gain a new perspective about vulnerability – it draws out your strength when you respond to it with care.

Waheeda Hasbullah
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A Chance Encounter

Suddenly, I noticed a man sitting just opposite to me staring at me. I thought he was annoyed at my loud voice. so I reduced my volume and kept on talking with my friend. While explaining, my eyes went towards the man. Again I noticed he was keenly listening to our conversation. Finally the stop came! I got down with my friend and took 10 steps. I heard a voice behind me calling “Madam, madam!”

Shalini Subramanian
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The Brave Fisherwoman: In Remembrance of Hira Goma

In all these years, through all of the struggle and emotional upheaval of her diagnosis, Hira remained her active and busy self. She never missed her daily routine of the wharf and the bazaar, nor did she let her work and routine come in the way of her managing her CML.

Viji Venkatesh
Fundraising & Events Treatment Access

Take the Chai Five challenge to support cancer survivors in India!

Take the Chai Five challenge to raise awareness of the needs of cancer survivors while raising funds for their support! What is “Chai Five”? The Chai Five is a list of five simple actions you can take to support people in India who are facing a cancer diagnosis.

Winona Rennick
Partner Spotlight

The Max Foundation turns 20!

It is The Max Foundation’s 20th Anniversary as an organization! That’s 7,300 days; 175,200 hours; 10,512,000 minutes. We are amazed, proud and grateful as we mark this milestone together with our global community.

Erin Schwartz
Patient Support & Advocacy

Past Due

The anniversary of someone’s death is always difficult. Just as we recently remembered Max’s passing, we also hold the others who have passed too soon. Below, Beena shares a remembrance of...

Beena Narayanan